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Predators @ Blues GDT

Looks like our fearless leaders have left home without leaving a light on for the kids. Well, I guess I’ll throw up a GDT. I’m gonna take the Brad Lee route and assume that none of you read this and are just waiting to comment — less is more.

With that said, it’s Blues vs. Nashville tonight. The Preds have been not very good this year — almost as bad as the Leafs Hurricanes. They struggle with scoring and are riding have the second fewest points in the West. Sure, that’s just one fewer than what the Blues have, but … six goals, baby. Six goals. Can the Note do it again? We shall see.

Reports say the Blues lineup will be the same as Tuesday, so that means no Brad Winchester (healthy), Alex Pietrangelo (delaying a decision) and Carlo Colaiacovo (Steve Ott flu).

This is your Game Day Thread. Do work.