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Ice Chips with Timothy Oshie

[Editor's Note: While I know we have a history of making up items like this as satire, I assure you this is true and this article was penned by the father of T.J. Oshie. He welcomes your questions and feedback via his email, listed below. This article originally appeared in the Nov. 12 edition of St. Louis Game Time.]

THE BIG TIME ... on St. Louis Game Time!

Whoa Nelly (as long-time ABC Sports broadcaster Keith Jackson would say) and a big thanks to Sean Gallagher and the entire staff of St. Louis Game Time for allowing me the distinct opportunity to express my views, beliefs and visions regarding the fastest game on Earth.

My name is Timothy Oshie, and I'm the father of the St. Louis Blues No. 74, T.J. Oshie.  I'm a free-lance writer from the State of Hockey (Minnesota) and currently in my 31st year of sports and broadcast journalism. 

My focal points will be to discuss issues surrounding the game and tidbits featuring the world of hockey. I will also welcome, "Ask Coach Oshie," a wide array of questions surrounding the hockey world from the fans of Game Time.  This section will be open to any hockey question, within reason, surrounding the game.  Direct your questions to me at via the world wide web with each week I'll pick two-to-four to feature in the upcoming issues.

So that's me. Now sit back and enjoy Ice Chips while you watch the 2009-10 version of the St. Louis Blues.


The question is, are you T.J. Oshie's dad?

It goes without saying the last name of Oshie is very different and rare. Oshie is a derivative of a longer Ojibwe Indian name which dates back to the mid-1800's. So, yes, I'm the father of No. 74.

It almost goes without saying but this wasn't my first trip to the shores of the Mississippi River and the Gateway to the West. My initial visit to the city of St. Louis was in 2007 (although my family did drive by in 2004 en route to the 2004 USA Hockey In-Line National Championships in Alpharetta, GA).  We came to follow and to witness the 2007 NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Frozen Four / National Championships.  It was my initial time entering the Scottrade Center as a hockey fan. The University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux Men's hockey team was playing Boston College in the semi-final nightcap. I was thoroughly impressed by the droves of college hockey fans as the "Scott" was filled to capacity in early April (Easter Sunday weekend).

My journey was by vehicle. But the bigger story was that Grand Forks, ND / East Grand Forks, MN, from where I reside, was fighting through the flood waters upon my departure from the Grand Cities.  Once on the outskirts of Fargo, ND, which is 77 miles south of Grand Forks, the flood waters were up to the bottom of the cars on the famous I-29 freeway. Just south of Fargo the weather turned. We encountered a vicious blizzard halting us at times to single digits on the speedometer due to "white-out snow" circumstances.

So it's easy to say the journey to St. Louis was filled with stories of similar trips for the Oshie family which extends to the West Coast of Washington state and British Columbia, Canada.  Although, the weather of North Dakota / Minnesota gets to as far as minus-50 wind chill at times, it simply doesn't compare to the blizzards of the mountainous regions of the Cascades which extend from Oregon to British Columbia.

Like every hockey parent, I've had the unique opportunity spend thousands of hours on the open road with my children (T.J., Taylor, Tawni and Aleah). It was the cornerstone of our family time which extended from Seattle, WA to Warroad, MN to Grand Forks, ND to St. Louis, MO. The trips that bonded a family.

So there is the start of our story, the word is out. Send me your questions and check back here for further editions of Ice Chips with Timothy Oshie.

Timothy Oshie

Oshie Sports & Media