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Monday links: Come sail away with me edition

Good news: I thought we were going to have to have a moment of silence for Mr. Dell Laptop. On Sunday afternoon, my laptop just decided to shut off and not turn back on. I had to switch to the work laptop I use to report from the road. Back, by some miracle, the old p.o.s. turned back on at 11:30. He's resting now, but it looks like I won't be out a laptop. Anyway ... let's get to the links.

Blues news

Hockey news

Other links

  • This guy responds to classifieds. As is often the case, hilarity ensues. [Ned Wingfield]
  • Google's autcomplete is both awesome and scary. [Autocomplete Me]
  • Cross Check Raise has a Project Mayhem idea. I'll let him explain: "Watching a web feed this weekend, it was broadcast by ESPN America, which is the overseas face of ESPN. They were running a poll for which game to broadcast on Thanksgiving weekend 11/27: CGY vs DET or CAR vs ATL. I figure we can screw DET and help Hildymac's Thrashers by stuffing the ballot box here. Let's keep Fuck Detroit from their Euro-Phruit fans. The UK face (hence, English) of ESPN America is here. The poll is towards the bottom of the far-right column. When I voted, it was 78/22 in favor of DET." [ESPN America]


This is what happens when I watch South Park and do the links. You get videos like this. Enjoy.