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Coyotes at Blues GDT

Howdy friends. Is tonight the night the Blues get, you know, good? Will the Silent Jay McClement and B.J. Crombeen line get Patrik Berglund going? Who knows. All I know is that I’m tired of all the questions surrounding the team.

After a summer of discontent, the Hamilton Blackberrys Phoenix Coyotes make the trip to St. Louis tonight. In case you missed it, these guys are actually pretty good. After dumping the Great One, the Desert Dogs got themselves a real coach and can actually play. They have plenty of young talent and we all know about Ilya Bryzgalov. Now that the NHL owns them ala MLB owning the Expos a few years back, expect the foil hat people to cry conspiracy if the Yotes get a call.

Radio feed for the television/stream impaired can be found here.

For the other side, Five for Howling is full of good people. Like OdinMercer. And ... that other guy.

But enough from me. You guys don't read this. It's game time on Game Time. Do what you do.