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Monday links: Going head first into the week like Andy McDonald into the boards edition

Another weekend down, another week begins. I hope you all had a good Halloween. My "Joe with a two-week beard" costume went over great. I'm thinking "Joe with a 'stache" for next year.

Blues links

  • Breaking news that our British friend already broke, Yan Statsny and Tyson Strachan are going to the Peoria. The Blues get its captain back one week, the Rivermen get its back the next. [Peoria Journal Star]
  • A look at who is not scoring. Funny, this list seems to be missing a few dozen guys. []
  • T.J. will be returning to action soon and Captain Eric Brewer is not 100% operational. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

Hockey news

  • Here a your standings. Warning: They aren't pretty. Is it 2006 again? []
  • Here are your Sunday results. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Three games on the slate tonight. Let's go, Tampa Bay, Phoenix and ... the Islanders? Sure. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Pierre LeBrun offers some thoughts about things like trades the NHLPA. [ESPN]
  • Peter Forsberg is making another comeback, this time with the Swedish national team. [TSN]
  • Wayne Gretzky is not going to object to the sale of the Coyotes. You think he's done with hockey for a while after failing as a coach and an owner? [ESPN]
  • A junior hockey player is in critical condition after a hard hit. [ESPN]
  • Sid fights and the refs might not have been on his side. Shocking, I know. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • A look at the Blackhawks after a month. [Second City Hockey]

Other links

  • World's best criminals? World's best criminals. [CNN]
  • Vandalism can be fun. [The Chive]


It's Monday. Start your day off right.

Hit me up at gametimelinks(at) I know I'm not cool enough to do a costume like PCS, but ummm ...