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Sunday Links: "Would You Like Some Busting Slumps? BERSERKER!" Edition

Back to back wins, Perron with a move to remember, and Berglund gets one in the net. It's a great day in St. Louis.

And as for how I did at the St. John's Hospital Trivia Night last night, guess who went in on the raffle prize for 4 tickets to Brett Hull night? Hope to see you December 15th.

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Now if Swedish Chef motivated TECHNOVIKING, how can we motivate Paul Kariya? MAybe feature him alongside former Blue Adam Oates when they were teammates in Anaheim. Eh, it's worth a shot.

All we need is a winter of steady "below 32" weather. And someone to actually build the damn thing. Can you say "GT Get-Together"?

It sure looks like we're going in the right direction. If we can win against the Bruins on Monday, who will surely pose a bigger threat than the Islanders and the Coyotes, we could be on the cusp of a winning streak *knock on wood*.

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