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Bruins @ Blues GDT

Holy crap it's almost over. This homestand has been a killer.

Remember, we're the "smart guys" who publish a fan-run paper for each home game. So not only do we have to keep this little machine humming, we have words upon words upon dozens and dozens of words we need to churn out for each paper. And this Web site we've started suffers. Sorry 'bout that. Thanks to all our cool readers for the fanposts and fanshots. They help with keeping you coming back. And thanks for all the participation in the game day threads. We're kind of known for some of the more entertaining GDTs and it's all you crazy, obsessed people.

So tonight the Bruins come to town. You might remember the last second miracle on a Monday afternoon last season that Average Joe referenced in the morning links. Go watch the video again and tell me you're not a little motivated to go run through a brick wall. Exciting shit.

Well here's hoping the Blues don't need that kind of effort at the end of the game.

For the record, I love root beer. IBC root beer at Lion's Choice with their crushed ice was the best beverage of my childhood. I've been on a kick lately drinking the non-traditional soda flavors. A little orange soda, some cherry stuff. I think it's awesome that the Drinkscotch Center has Wild Cherry Pepsi at the concession stands. And with the unlimited refills on the souvenir cups, I may see how many I can drink next game. I'll keep you updated.

This bubbly, fizzy, cherry-flavored drink of a post is your game day thread. Guzzle it up.