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Saturday Links: Fuck Detroit Edition

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Let's show the jackals from Detroit that Sweden was no fluke.

Blues News:

  • Post Dispatch summarizes last night's game agaisnt Nashville. Blues Win!
  • Sydor embraces the mentoring role. Also, the Brewer back injury is not related to his prior ailments, allegedly.
  • Blues come back home tonight looking for their third victory against the Flying Tires. 7PM on FSN.

NHL News:

Other Stuff:

Video Four-Pack:

Sometimes in the middle of eating turkey and catching up with family members that you don't give a rat's ass about, you lose track of the important traditions on Thanksgiving. Specifically, Alice's Restaurant.

Hey, Detroit. You guys remember when David Backes came to town last time?

Or when the Blues took 2 in Sweden? Remember that?

And Mizzourah has a video appropriate for the Hawks and their players: Which Circus Act would you be?


Come back for the GDT. All the cool commenters are doing it.

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Bonus: Mizzourah passes along a screen capture from the game after the jump