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Monday Links: Where I still want to know why a piece of clothing is a good name for a sports team edition

Just got finished eating a delayed Thanksgiving dinner. Mmmm turkey ...

Blues news

  • The Blues take on the Blue Jackets in Columbus. [Blues]
  • For Blue Jackets news, visit The Cannon. [The Cannon]
  • That's about it for today. Anything important breaks, I'll edit this.

Hockey news

  • Last night's results plus tomorrow's schedule. [TSN]
  • Here are your standings. We're No. 12! [TSN]
  • Milan Lucic is getting a little Carlo Colaiacovo syndrome. [ESPN]
  • Who had Nov. 29 in the Martin Havlat injury pool? Please claim your prize. [ESPN]
  • Ales Hemsky is done for the season. [ESPN]
  • Patrick Kaleta is suspended for two games. Seriously, the NHL's suspension policy is the most convoluted thing. [ESPN]
  • Ryan Miller: He's good. [Die by the Blade]
  • David Jones was having a breakout season. And then his ACL went snap. [Mile High Hockey]
  • Team Russia general manager Vladislav Tretiak says his team will be half NHLers and half KHL players. [CTV Olympics]
  • Speaking of the KHL, another soft Russian is heading to the league. Viktor Tikhonov has left the Coyotes farm club. [TSN]

Other links

  • Twitter billboard gets some folks in hot water. [Florida News Center]
  • The most awesome things on the internet. [Urlesque]
  • I could use a new sleeping bag. Anyone want to get me the bear one ... or the bag suit. [The Toy Zone]
  • I love The Simpson's, but I never thought I'd see a Web site devoted to Bart writing on a chalkboard. [Bart's Blackboard]


So on Saturday I went to a local watering hole, some may call it a "townie bar." The bar had live music that was ungodly loud (get off my lawn!). But, at one point, the band brought a 14-year-old kid up to drum. In a bar. At midnight on a Saturday. The kid jammed out to some Rush and it's been stuck in my head ever since. Enjoy.


Game Day Thread tonight. Be there. gametimelinks(at)