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There Are Moral Victories

I saw the postgame press conference with head coach Andy Murray after Saturday's shootout loss to the Red Menace and could see the disappointment on his face. I heard David Backes talk in hushed tones. I know the team took Todd Bertuzzi beating Chris Mason hard. And yeah, I was pissed off right after the game ended.

How they played against a Red Wings team desperate for a win was just another positive sign in a string of many. The game-tying goal off of Barret Jackman's arm pit was a fluke. A bad break. Not indicative of how the Blues played even in the waning seconds when they gave up the lead.

Let's be realistic, the Blues seem to be back on track at the moment. They've won some games they wouldn't have three weeks ago and they're playing hard in most facets of the game, probably for a couple reasons.

I think most evident is that Mason has elevated his game and the players in front have responded. A goaltender on his game behind his teammates can be a calming influence. It's easier to play in front of a hot goalie. I have no facts or evidence to back this up, mind you, but I think it's probably true.

The Jay McClement and B.J. Crombeen Rejuvination Machine is still working its magic. David Perron found his game and has kept going. Patrik Berglund forgot he was scared of his own shadow and has shown some improvement. I believe the rotting corpse of Paul Kariya saw some time with McClement and Crombeen before coming back to life in recent games.

And in the end, I don't think anyone panicked. Other than the fans and all of the crazies who comment around this place and the people who write for the Game Time paper and Towel Boy. He had to be pissing his air-brushed jeans thinking all his autographed towels would never seen the outstretched hands of his fans. But the guys on the ice and the front office didn't lose their shit. And suddenly the Blues are again a dangerous opponent every night. Go figure.

An NHL season is so damn long. If the Blues can keep this intensity and play with some balance and dare I say confidence and we might forget at the end of the season about late October and early Novemeber. Hopefully.

So fine Game TIme readers who continue to grace us with your presence, have the Blues really turned the corner? Is this the real Blues? Or will we be seeing the team from a couple weeks ago resurface? Tell us down below.

And don't forget to come back for the GDT when the Blues travel to Columbus.