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Late Night Poll: Time For Snap Judgements

It's a straight-up given: people hate change. We looked at doing some fairly significant chnges to the paper this week and they were met with immediate negativity by virtually everyone we asked. Myself, I hated them at first, but after a couple hours I thought, "You know, that's actually better in some ways and we could work around the other shit."

But everyone else? Yikes. Not so much. If I'd just made the changes there would have been mass uprisings and many angry emails. And then, after a couple weeks, everyone would have gotten used to it. Because, you know, people buy our paper for the content, not the asthetics. Smaller in size, larger in font, more colorful everywhere? My guess is that it would have worked out.

Nevertheless, we decided to fuck all that noise.

Similarly, our webfriends who invited us to this big SBN party made some changes yesterday to the asthetics, but not our content.

Which brings us to tonight's poll: