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Blues at Blackhawks GDT

By Brad Lee

I don't recognize the world we live in any longer. The Blackhawks are the cream of the Central Division, the Blues the cellar dwellers. Joel Quenneville is the head coach of the Hawks, Ed Belfour the Blues' goaltending guru. Next you'll tell me the Blues have a racially insensitive mascot and the Hawks are named after a cool musical revolution.

This is the first time Chicago and St. Louis have met for a game this season. Considering we're two and a half months in, that's pretty fucking weird. Probably Gary Bettman's fault.

We don't need to remind you that the Blues had a nice convincing win last night against Calgary. The Hawks think the Tampa Lightning suck and stuff.

There's already been the discussion in the Road Music and over at Second City Hockey about how fans of both teams hate the Red Wings, but have a special level of distaste for each other that pre-dates the Wings dislike.

We're not really big on previews around here. You know what's going on. We know what's going on. So let's get the Game Day Thread started. One word about our friends at Second City. Gallagher and I agree they have a similar outlook on hockey as we do. They use language like we do. They like liquor like we do. They just choose their allegiances poorly.

If by chance some of their folks stop by (Good God, why would they?) give shit but don't take it seriously. Same if you wander over there. I think we can all dislike each other and not be dicks about it. I hope you share that philosophy.

This is the GDT. Break shit.