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Saturday Links: "Wishing I Could Blame Cajanek and/or Rucinsky" Edition

There's no links like angry links and I'm plenty pissed off after that effort.

A problem with watching a team like this keep losing is that this team has been built mostly from guys who have worked their way up through our system (Oshie, Jackman, Backes, Jay, Perron, Johnson, Berglund, Polak) or been here long enough to have made their mark on the organization in some way (Walt, McDonald, Boyes, Brewer, Janssen) and been around for some measure of success (or, at least, improvement). Inevitably, something is going to have to be done to turn this around. Changes will need to be made. It'll either come at the expense of some of the players who I've become accustomed to watching and cheering for or at the expense of a head coach who most Blues fans thought deserved the Jack Adams Award at the end of last year. Regardless of the management's decision, it's going to be tough (at least for me) to watch either a coach or players that I've loved watching move on to other hockey opportunities.

Admittedly, doing nothing and keeping the organization "as is" would be even tougher to watch, since it's clear SOMETHING needs to be done.

But you don't come here to read my blabbering commentary. You just want me to give you stuff to click on. With that said, let's get to the links.

Blues News:

  • Blues lose. Although Towelie had his attention-display interrupted, so I suppose there's that.
  • Luvhockey passes along a good read on our very own Darren Pang.
  • Trade(s) in our future? Pleau's on the phone and Armstrong is out seeing a lot of games, accoring to this article.
  • WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS? The Post-Dispatch's Water Cooler gang takes a shot at figuring it out.

NHL News:

Other Stuff:


Vesa Toskala has another moment to go along with his 190 foot blooper reel goal.

Last night, this atrocity happened.

Averagejoe might be bringing you the links tomorrow. I'm staying in a hotel for a friend's wedding and I'm not sure if it has a wireless connection or not. Either way, you'll get your linkage tomorrow.

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