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Sunday links: Pinch hitting on a weekend edition

Hello friend. Poor College Student is away in some magic land with internet. So instead of weekend daddy, you get weekday daddy. Enjoy.

Blues News


  • Blues take on the Canucks tonight in Vancouver. [CBS Sports]

Hockey news

  • Saturday's scores. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Only other game tonight? Wings vs. Blackhawks. Go meteor. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Henrik Zetterberg will be out two weeks. [TSN]

  • The Monster got a shutty in his first game back from heart problems. [TSN]

Other links


So here's the deal. I'm using my friend NatetheGreat's computer. I log on to YouTube and this was a recommended video. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with him.


Sorry if the links suck today. Blame in the alcohol.