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Friday links: The Christmas Edition

Happy Christmas to all who celebrate. If you don't, happy Friday. Links will be brief today since the NHL has decided to take two days off. Enjoy.

Blues news

  • The Blues could, and probably will, send three Americans to Vancouver for the Olympics.
  • Erik Johnson is taking nothing for granted this season. [24 Hours Vancouver]

Hockey news

  • Festivus for the Bruins. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Some warm and fuzzies for the holiday. [Puck Daddy]
  • TSN wants to know who was the best player in the aughts. The answer is simple: Jamal Mayers. [TSN]
  • Daniel Alfredsson injured his shoulder, but it won't be until after the holiday that the team discloses how long he will be out. [TSN]
  • While the Leafs are not very good, they do have quite a few Olympic hopefuls. [CTV]

Other links


Hope you got something good for Christmas.

That's all for me. Poor College Student will be back for the weekend show. Gametimelinks(at)