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Burn the Wild! Your Blues at Minnesota GDT.

"We don't need no water..."
"We don't need no water..."

To beat down a theme that we're sure the folks over at Hockey Wilderness are already way sick of hearing, the Minnesota Wilds lost a good chunk of their players' gear to a equipment van fire. The obvious implication is that many professional athletes are way into the fit of their gear and having to break in all new stuff is a distinct disadvantage for them. That said, if the Blues want to keep their sparkling road record (11-3-3) going in the right direction, they're going to need more than just a "new gear disadvantage" to get a win.

The Wild, who started the season by losing nine of their first 12 games, have been streakier this year than my kid's underwear after taco night, with losing streaks of five games and four games in the last two months, coupled with winning streaks of five games, four of five and five of six. Overall they are 18-16-3 and 6-4 in their last 10, but they have been an opposite-of-the-Note 11-4-1 at home. With 39 points, they sit just one spot below the Blues in 12th with 39 points, so a win would be a huge jump for them.

As for the Blues, a win would give them a perfect 4-0 road trip heading into a game at home tomorrow against Buffalo (followed by three more games at home this week against Nashville, Vancouver and Chicago) and would further make us all scratch our heads and wonder why the hell they are so good on the road and so terrible at home.

More importantly, a win would give the Blues the opportunity to pass the Red Wings in the standings, pushing them to third in the division and 10th in the conference.

The game is on KMOX for those who are going old-school and on FSN-Midwest for those who aren't having issues with their satellite provider. This, as you may have figured out already, is your Game Day Thread.

Do that shit.