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Blown Lead, Blown Opportunity: Blues Fall Again

Giving up three in the third for the second straight game hurts. What probably hurts more is having to field several questions about how one goal squeaked through and got in the net. There's probably a bunch of positives to look at from tonight, but I'm not feeling that particular vibe at this moment. I am getting tired of going to these games to watch yet another loss. Hard to believe I've seen 12 of them in person already this year.

The final piece of the puzzle was supposed to be us, but over 19,000 of us showed up tonight for a 5 pm Sunday game. Somehow I don't think it's us anymore.

Here are your post-game interviews including highlights like Ty Conklin's "yes, I put the puck in the net," as well as Erik Johnson trying to explain how he didn't make a key play and Brad Boyes describing what it feels like to not capitalize on another tap-in goal for the second straight night while his team gives up three third period goals again.

Your 2009 St. Louis Blues: The final piece of the puzzle is excuses.