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Monday links: Home advantage not applicable in St. Louis edition

This team confuses the hell out of me.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Here are you Monday standings. Let's all laugh at the Blue Jackets. []
  • Here are last night's results plus tomorrow's schedule. [TSN]
  • Old man Chris Chelios really likes playing for the Chicago Wolves. [TSN]
  • Alexander Semin signs a one-year extension. [TSN]
  • The Winter Classic is going to be cold.[NESN]

Other links

  • Getting old sucks. [OMG I'M THE ADULT]
  • So this has been going around the net for a bit. Dude's sister narcs on him for having beer. Dude then takes sister's "hook up list" and posts it online. I weep for the future. [So Jones]


Holy home-ice suckage, Batman

That should be it for today. Links were done in a hurry, so if they suck ... well go fuck yourself.