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Nashville Extinct Animals @ Blues GDT

This whole season for the Blues has been three steps forward and two steps back. Since they've already dropped their last two to Buffalo and Minnesota, they're going to start taking three steps forward, right?

The Blues have done better against teams they don't like and have reason to play hard. And I'm pretty sure the Blues don't like the fellers from Music City. As has been documented on the site today, Erik Johnson is getting the night off. Gallagher has talked about how EJ has had a good early part of the season but has hit a plateau of late. I guess that means Andy Murray reads the site. I wouldn't recommend it to him though, especially if the Blues blow this one tonight.

Chris Mason likes playing well against his former team. He made 37 saves the last time they played in a 3-1 win at Nashville. Hopefully he's feeling it tonight.

The Blues are in the middle of a brutal stretch with games on Saturday, Sunday, tonight and Thursday. Fortunately they haven't had to travel since Saturday night. Unfortunately they still suck at home for the most part.

We've documented that you folks don't talk about what we write here so I'd just like to say I love peanut butter, but only creamy peanut butter. And if you like crunchy, I can't even come close to understanding you. You're lost. And if you like the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I'm going to let you in on one of life's little treasures you need to know about. Next time you make one of these beauties, put Fritos inside the sandwich. What a great taste combination. Local band The Urge wrote a song about Fritos. It was called "Damn That Shit Is Good." They were not lying.

That's it. Get ready for some hot Central Division action. This is your GDT. Fucking do it.