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Eight Minutes of Solid Hockey: Blues Lose Again.

Like everyone else in the crowd tonight, I wanted the Blues to pull this one out. I wanted them to get an undeserved win against a team that had made them look incompetent for the vast majority of the game. I wanted to come home and write about how sometimes you win when you don't deserve to win.

But it was not to be. Regardless of how dedicated and motivated the Blues looked in those last eight minutes, you can't play as sloppy as they did for the other 52, miss open nets, allow softie goals against and generally look like you don't care if you win against nearly any NHL team.

Feel free to rant on specifics in the comments, because beyond just straight laughing my ass off at the Sydor-Brewer combination, I don't have much to add tonight. For further illumination, we're going to let Morrisey handle the post-game interviews: