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Eww. Whose Chum Is That? Your Blues at Sharks GDT

The san Jose Sharks are cruising. As mentioned in our Road Music segment (many thanks again, CCR), the team has one completely unconscious offensive line when they put Thornton, Marleau and Heatley together, but they also have soliod secondary scoring from guys like Setoguchi (gesundheit), Pavelski and Clowe. They have a great offensive defenseman in Dan Boyle and a formerly great offensive defenseman in Rob Blake. And then there's the goalie Evgeni Nabokov. Nabokov can have the odd terrible night, but for the most part, he is a solid goalie. His 92.1% save percentage, 2.35 GAA and 16 wins are all among the tops in the league.

So there's all that.

But we believe in fan karma, and it that category at least one of the hockey gods owes us. When the Sharks visited St. Louis last month, the Game Time folks hosted a couple of writers from the SBN Sharks site, Fear The Fin. LurkerShark and the blogger formerly known as Mr. K were taken to dinner at local iconic eatery J. Bucks. They were hooked up with tickets down low in the Sharks attack twice area and had Brad Lee and the lovely Mrs. Lee host them for the game. Then they got to watch their team win 3-1 over the Blues. Afterwards, a bunch of us made them the guests of honor at the Tin Can and poured copious amounts of canned beer down their throats before escorting them in armed transport to their inexplicable hotel of choice on the city's near north side.

Not only all of that, but they also got to meet the Red Berenson Cowboy and the guy who runs We even offered to attempt to burn down the Arch in their honor, but they declined.

Basically, someone somewhere owes us for being ridiculously nice hosts. We'd like to cash in that good karma for a big win tonight.

We did our part, the Blues need to do theirs and you all need to do your part, too. This is your GDT, all full of good karma.

Do that shit.