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The Late Night Poll: Weighted Against The Coach

God damn, kilogram. Somehow it has come to pass that I am the internet face of the Fire Andy Murray campaign. Let me set this straight: I have never said that I want to see Andy Murray get fired. I am a layman, a nobody. My hockey coaching experience is limited to Mite hockey. As an assistant.

I don't know if the players love Murray or hate Murray. I have no idea if they'll play their guts out to keep him or if they tune him out as he croaks out instructions. Do they read his late-night letters he leaves under their doors? No fucking clue.

What I have said all along is that ownership is made up of businessmen. Successful businessmen. You know, the type who made their money by being good, not by inheriting daddy's good business? Those type of businessmen don't have tolerance for failing managers. And right now, Mr. Murray is a failing manger.

And hence, your poll...