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Friday Links: That. Just. Happened. Edition.

After last night (this morning?), I'm contemplating naming my first-born child Carlo. Boy or girl.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Lots of games on Thursday. Here are the results. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Friday night will be kinda quiet around the league. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Brendan Shanahan will be joining the NHL front office. [National Post]
  • It's official: the Blackhawks have signed Toews, Kane and Keith. [ESPN]
  • The Second City guys reflect on the Big 3 signings. [Second City Hockey]
  • Jonas Gustavsson has heart surgery. [ESPN]
  • Matt Moulson gets his first career hat trick. [TSN]
  • Preparation for the Winter Classic is underway. [TSN]
  • Jiri Tlusty, famous for showing his dong on the internet, has been dealt to the Hurricanes. [TSN]

Other links

  • Can you believe that people tried to use comic books to sell shit to kids? OH YEAH! they did. []
  • Here is a Web site devoted to single-purpose Web sites. Need the Price is Right sound? Go here. [Urlesque]
  • Christmas light we can all appreciate. [Tosh.0]
  • The guy who writes Comcast descriptions enjoys his job. [WTF Comcast]
  • What did Craig do before his massive list-site? [Users]
  • Chruch signs are sometimes funny. Mostly because of vandals. [Manofest]


This video may not be for everyone and it's very NSFW (language) but it made me laugh.

This video, is for everyone. Enjoy.

Poor College Student has the weekend shift. gametimelinks(at)