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What To Learn From the Wife/Fiance of a Blues Player's Shopping List




I was at Brentwood Target late this morning.  Yeah, I was slumming it.  I was checking out the new Highway 40 (not impressed 367 still rules all) and picking up some frozen fruit for post workout smoothies and then off to Pet's Mart to get Answer Dog 2.0 some food.  

I was in line and low and behold Mrs. Crombeen (or soon-to-be Mrs. Crombeen) queues up behind me.  I know it is her because I sat by her when the Blues played the Islanders last.  I recognize that engagement ring anywhere.  She's an attractive gal who seems very nice.  Our eyes metI gave her "the nod".  It wasn't "THE nod" because most ladies can't hold back and we instantly make out (I'm that good).  A solid nod saying, "Yeah, what's up girl.  I knows you but I won't blow your cover.  It's cool."

Here's her grocery list:

Kashi Frozen Pizza

Archer Farms Soy Milk

Archer Farms Frozen Entres (three of them)

What does this tell you?  Probably not much of a cook with Hubby on the road during the season.  Also, she's not stepping out on him.  She buys a few things that are quick fixes and not too unhealthy.  I'd love to see more fresh food in her diet vs. frozen entres.  The way frozen foods are prepared and handled just isn't too conducive to a healthy diet.

For fresh food, there is a Whole Foods across the street.  I'd go there but I'm straight.

All in all, I like what I saw.  Some relatively healthy choices but definite room for improvement.