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Joining Forces For Two Periods

About a week ago some of the people who frequent our little corner of the Information Superhighway got their comment on and posted more than 1,000 of those little buggers during a game against the Red Wings. It was a proud moment.

In the aftermath of that effort, a few folks said they were looking for an opportunity to join forces if you will with another of the SBN hockey blogs to see what two communities could combine to doduring one game. Tuesday night we'll see what we can do working with the new to SBN Nucks Misconduct. Think of it as NAFTA without Mexico and Ross Perot's giant sucking sound.


Here's how we're going to work it. First period, we'll have a post directing you over to the Vancouver blog. EVERY comment that first period should go there. Then during the second, we'll come back and every comment will be here at Game Time. In the third period and any possible extra time, each side will go to their seperate corners and most likely commence making fun of the other.

I know what you'r wondering. "Can we fucking cuss at this Nucks blog thing? If we can't, I'm probably more likely to post pictures of people buried in the ice over at the Detroit blog." Yes, your curses are welcome, but you might fucking think about dialing them back a little bit. Feel free to stick it to the other team, but keep it in a friendly tone, please. We're visitors over there and they'll be visitors over here.

I have no idea how this will turn out. We tried setting this up with another blog and they never even responded, so I give credit to the Nucks guys for at least trying this. I'm sure nothing bad can happen, right?


I better start drafting that apology e-mail ahead of time...