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Beat Your Rivals. All Else Will Follow.

For a game that wasn't nearly as exciting as the previous times we've hosted the Hawks this year, we got everything we wanted. For those of you at the game, we got to see at least two fan-fights up in the stands, which is always fun. Kudos to the arena staff in both cases I saw: only the Hawks fans got ejected.

What's right is right, bitches. See you in Chicago!

In an attempt to reduce the number of NAMBLA members who mistakenly wind up on this site, we'll avoid mentioning that Bradley Boyes scored on the pee-pee tonight.

Also, Chris Mason might want to mix in a hat for his post-game interviews. Of course, then it would just look like someone's penis was doing an interview with a hat on.

Either way, 14th place never felt so good. Let's Go Blues, Blackhawks suck!

Here are your post-game interviews: