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Do You Wish This First Post Of The Day Was Sweet Links?

Then it's time to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

We're looking for a contributor who:

  1. Is a Blues internet news fiend.
  2. Loves bizarre links as well as the mainstream stories.
  3. Can work odd hours (we don't know any other kind) and can have an early-morning post up almost every day with lots of great time-killers for our readers to surf on company time.

And that's really about it. Plus, we're flexible on virtually every one of those bullet-points. We're not looking for someone who has tons of experience, journalism degrees or aspirations or even web/blog experience. We can teach you what you'll need. Hell, we taught the Answer Man and Chris Gift how to use computers, so you'll be just fine.

We're looking for someone who loves the Blues, is crazy-savvy with where to find team news and other oddities on the innanets and wants to be part of the wild ride that is GT.

Did we just describe you? Drop a line to Brad Lee and gallagher (addresses linked at the bottom of the page) and let us know what you'd like to do. We're open to your ideas, but we value consistency and creativity over virtually everything else. 


Look at you, working all mobile and wahtnot.