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In The Coach's Head

[Feb. 18, 2009. Columbus, OH. 6pm Central time.]

Andy-murray_medium OK, here we go. Strong start, just like we talked about. Let's get it going here right off the.. what the fuck? Jackman! Great. Just great. Let's just go kill this...

Andy-murray_medium FUCK! And what the hell was that? A cannon? They have a fucking cannon in here?

OK, not a great start, but if we can play tough and keep them off the board for a while. Let's just play hard and finish the period strong.


Andy-murray_medium I should have killed Steve Wagner when I had the chance. It was right there in front of me. No one would have ever known, either. Next time. Next time I will not hesitate.

At least it's the intermission. Time to mete out justice.


Andy-murray_medium God, do I love cop shows. I never would have learned that phonebook trick otherwise. seems like they got the message. Time for a fast start.

Andy-murray_medium Yes! I knew they listened! I just new it! Now, according to plan, they will not let up and allow the quick...

Andy-murray_medium WHAT THE FUCK!

Now what? One more by them and this thing is over. Should I pull Mason now? He has looked kinda shitty. Of course that Holt kid looks like he's pretty good with the bench door.

Shit. We'll stay with him.


Andy-murray_mediumGah. Why, why, why? 

"Hey, Holt!"

Chrisholtmug_thumb_medium "Steve Holt!"

Andy-murray_medium "Uh, yeah. Get ready; you're in."

Chrisholtmug_thumb_medium "Steve Holt!

Andy-murray_medium What is wrong with that kid. His name is Chris, isn't it?


Andy-murray_medium Oh yeah. Now he scores. Great hands, Steen. Same shitty timing.


  Andy-murray_medium Four minutes left, down by one. What is this, goddamn Ground hog Day?

Note to self: no reading the messageboards tomorrow.