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Blues Go Gaylord

OK, fine, we know it's actually the Sommet Center or some such nonsense, but as one of our observant commenters noted during the last game against the Predators, 'It'll always be the Gaylord to me."

Hear, hear!


Who's up for some Gaylord Entertainment?

Might as well address the elephant in the room right at the top: we all remember what happened the last time the Blues went to Nashville. Rather than rip the scab open again, here's the synopsis for anyone who has obliterated those particular brain cells: two goal lead become one goal lead, Fragile Jay Mckee gets a sweet assist on a tip-pass to a Predator who ties the game with three seconds to go.

Blues lose, Blues lose, Blues lose.

But tonight is a different night and as mentioned in the linked Mirtle article below, the Blues have gone 10-6-4 since your New Year's Day hangover. the Preds have gone 10-12 in that same time. Suck it, Nashville!

The Predators' top scorer (with an unimpressive 41 points), J-P Dumont is listed as questionable for the game, leaving Jason Arnott (38 pts), Martin Erat (35 pts) and Shea Weber (33 points as a defenseman) to carry the offensive load.

Pekka Rinne (16-10-0, 91.9%, 2.32) has played well and forced yet another goalie controversy into the headlines for Nashville as the better-paid Dan Ellis (11-18-3, 89.9%, 2.93) has not been great.

And Jordin Tootoo, who missed the last game against the Blues, is still shouldering the douchebag load.


Tootoo proves that he's an agitator even when he's away from the rink.

This is your Game Day Thread. Do. Your. Thing.