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Blues Win & Come Back In The Morning

If you at first don't suceed, try
try again.


The Blues won at Nashville Thursday night right after a power play expired in overtime. On the 4-3 man advantage, the Blues peppered Predators goaltender Pekka Rinne. But they weren't successful for six straight shots on net. The seventh, a little clean-up effort in the crease by Keith Tkachuk sent the Blues bench streaming over the wall to celebrate and brings the team home happy before a rematch with Nashville here in St. Louis Saturday night.

Now I'm not going to say I'm pessimistic, but I couldn't watch large chunks of the third period. Don't judge. With this team, you expect disaster at every opportunity. Of course waiting for the other shoe to drop right on your head, when it doesn't it's exciting.

Chris Mason made up for his poor showing in Ohio Wednesday night allowing one goal in the first period and then shutting the door the rest of the way. After a strong stretch, Mason was due for a let down. Hopefully he's rested by the weekend; the Predators will be looking for payback.

And you fine reader, should be looking at this space every morning from now on. Beginning Friday we'll have our daily list of links about the Blues, the NHL...and other things. After looking through the volunteers, we settled on a dynamic duo. You know them as Average Joe and Poor College Student. Joe has a background in this type of stuff while PCS has helped us out before with guest blogging. They're regulars around these parts, so give them all the same respect you, bust their balls if you want.

If you have a link suggestion, Blues or otherwise, drop them a line at their joint e-mail at the bottom of any Game Time page. You can expect Joe to man the weekday shift and PCS to entertain you over the weekend.

And be on the lookout, we're in final negotiations to add another contributor who will help fill the space at the beginning of the week. Don't look know, but we're getting respectable and shit.