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Friday Morning Links

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Howdy folks. I'm AverageJoe and this is the inaugural voyage of the Morning Links. Hope you all enjoy.

Before I get to the good stuff -- and it is all good -- there are a few things that need to be taken care of. First, thanks to Brad and Gallagher for handing the keys over to me (and Poor College Student). I promise I'll return the car in mint condition, dads.

Second, this little link dump needs a name. Morning Links is kinda ... dull. This is the Web site that turned Fuck Detroit! into a noun, verb, adjective and unofficial slogan. So fellow readers ... thoughts?

Lastly, I figured I would explain how this thing is going to work. Monday through Friday, I will be posting links for you all to enjoy while you are pretending to work or pay attention in class. Poor College Student will take the reins for the weekend. If you guys (and gals) have ANY suggestions or any sweet links, feel free to send them our way at 

And with that, let's get to the links. Do enjoy.

  • It looks like our favorite team won last night. Here's the St. Louis Post-Dispatch story, the Nashville Tennessean and the Associated Press.
  • We're No. 13!
  • It's Friday so that means Jeremy Rutherford did a chat about the Blues yesterday. Some good nuggets in there.
  • Is this anyone here? Get this man out of the basement and into a studio and this site could get a whole lot sexier.
  • Elsewhere in the NHL, Jabba the Hitchcock got to 500. Wins, not pounds. Congrats, I guess.
  • The Alex Kovalev situation continues. For those not caught up, he was told to stay at home earlier this week. Now ... he's back? Don't be surprised to see him dealt before the deadline. Just a thought ... David Perron idolizes Kovalev. Murray has problems motivating Perron. Hmmm.
  • Speaking of the Montreal Canadiens, Habs Eyes on the Prize brings us the story of Montreal Canadiens brothers Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn's involvement with organized crime members arrested in a police investigation termed "Operation Axe". Sounds like good times. I suggest they don't use Mike Danton's lawyer.
  • It's old news by now, but Alex Ovechkin's goal Wednesday night was AWESOME. Jasper's Rink has Ove's thoughts on what some are calling "The Sequel" to this one.
  • Love the trade deadline? Bookmark this page.
  • Our friends at Fear the Fin are trying to compile a list off all-time lines. I bet this team still loses in the first round.
  • Game to watch tonight: Ducks vs. Wings. Pronger! Draper! Who here wants an outbreak elephant herpes to hit both teams? 
  • In non-hockey news: Ever wanted to wear a t-shirt that looks like a jersey from your favorite sports movie? No? Just me? Fine. I'll wear my Goldberg shirt alone. 
  • Today's no shit Sherlock story:Men see bikini-clad women as objects, psychologists say.
  • Judging by some comments on the GTD's some of you are wrassilin fans. You might enjoy this.


And now your Friday morning video. Feel free to turn the sound off unless you speak Russian (?) and want to hearshitty 2000s pop.

Well that's all I got for today. Enjoy. And remember to tip your morning posters: