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Game Time Time Killers

Gooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning, Game Time!


It's Saturday, and I hope that means you aren't reading this until sometime near the noon hour after catching up on some sleep. If not, tough shit, I hope the publish timer thing worked and you're able to read this early on your way to whatever you're doing. Oh, and thanks to Brad and Sean for letting me and averagejoe raid the refrigerator on this site. We won't touch the beer. (yeah,right)

 And on to the news!

  • The "and home" portion of the home and home with the Nashville (Sexual) Predators starts with a 7:30 puck drop.
  • Not much action last night in the NHL:

Colorado over Washington, Hurricanes beat the Lightning(s), and (Fuck) Detroit over Anaheim

The Detroit result can be taken one of a few ways. For instance, "Damn Dead Things got another 2 points!" On the other hand, this does keep the ninth-seeded Ducks that much closer to us in the standings. I'm sure there's some middle ground in there somewhere.

For tonight, here's a schedule of all the games tonight.


Oh wait, there was this thing on the Habs involvement in organized crime on Habs Eyes on the Prize

Looking to kill some time on YouTube? Here's a start for you:

And in other news:

  • Looking for the latest on the A-Rod debacle? Fuck you, go somewhere else.
  • If only Robert E. Lee had known this ahead of time
  • Artistic? Interested in vans? Too bad, somebody's already got that covered.
  • The bad boy position of the NFL. Wide Receivers? Linebackers? How 'bout kickers?

I'll get better at this as time goes by, I hope. Until then, Go Blues!