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Monday Morning Dump

Well I'm sorry to report that the weekend is over. I hope everyone had a good one. But, that's the past. Let's hope no one has a case of the Monday's today. Anyway, let's get to the links to help delay that trip back to the real world.

Blues News

  • For those angry about the Blues opening up next season in Europe (RFJCC comes to mind), don't forget that it was the Blues that wanted to go to Sweden.
  • Will the Blues be getting Dallas' sloppy seconds? A report says Blues scouts were watching Sean Avery.
  • With the Roman Empire back in full effect, Tyson Strachan will be heading to Peoria.
  • Our Johnson is back on the ice.
  • Andy Murray thinks there is parity in the league.
  • Your Monday Morning Manny Update: He's put up pretty good numbers (click on his name for stats). As a fanposter said, he could be on the move.

Other Hockey News

Other News

  • The Oscars happened last night. Results here if you care.
  • The Razzies - anti-Oscars - were also this weekend.
  • This list can keep you busy for hours. Who knew a Big Mac cost $7.61 in Iceland.
  • This may be old news, but I still find it shocking. I wish someone would pay me to get drunk.


  • Many of you may have already seen this, but it bears sharing only so I can remind you to check this out. Guys, could we get a background going or something?
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Finally, here's your daily video. This might be Andy McDonald a few days ago, I'm not sure. Whoever it is, I wish he would teach Oshie some of these moves.

Thanks for stopping by. See you Tuesdsay. Don't foget, if you have something cool send it our way at gametimelinks (at) And please, no Nigerian Prince scams. We're not that stupid.