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Tuesday Morning Dump

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Happy Fat Tuesday everyone. I think that's as good of an excuse to drink on a weeknight as any. Oh, and the Blues are playing tonight which lately has caused many to drink. But enough of my words, let's get to other people's. Here are today's links.


Blues news

In other hockey news

  • The New York Rangers fired Tom Renney. Former Tampa Bay Lightning coach John Tortorella will take over.
  • The New York Rangers Blog can't wait for Tortorella's post-game pressers.
  • In the one game on the slate last night, the Sharks beat the Stars 1-0. 
  • Marty Brodeur is ready to come back. After the success of Scott Clemmensen, I think he has to prove that he is not just a system goalie. 
  • And with that, my fantasy team is fucked. Well it already was anyway  but ...
  • Oh Gary, you keeping doing what you do well. Like talk out your ass. 
  • This year's trade deadline could be fun since no one is really out of it. 
  • Full schedule of tonights games here. My game to watch if you are a traitor and aren't watching the Blues ... Canucks and Montreal. What can I say, I like Canada.


Other news too good not to share:

  • In college I worked at Sears for rent money. I learned to hate old people. This is one of the reasons why. 
  • And I'm proud to be an American ... where out fat people ride in trucks. That's a lot of munchies right there. (Tip o' the hat to PCS)
  • Perhaps the one thing I miss about getting ready for high school: Art Holliday. Side note: A friend of mine confirms that Art is a nice dude of the air as well. (Thanks to gallagher for passing this my way)

Video goodness to get you through the work day.

Hopefully that tides you guys over until lunch. Remember, if you want to see your name in print like PCS and Gallagher, send links to gametimelinks (at) See you in the GTD. GO BLUES!