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Commenter Field Trip Set For Tonight

Back by popular demand and our manifest destiny to mar every hockey game day thread on SBN, we're packing everyone up and going to Five For Howling for a periodof raucous commenting and good times. The second period to be precise. So that means we stay here for the first, show the Phoenixians how we do it and then crash their party over there. Remember, when we get on the bus to go over to the land of desert dogs and gambling coach's wives, keep your heads and arms inside the bus at all times...


Ok, whatever. You know us, we like to keep it loose around here. But when we get to Five For Howling, remember we're the guests. So don't try to spill beer on everything.

We'll have the GDT up shortly before drop of the puck at 7:30 p.m. CST. But this post might be nice to meet up, say hello and get a little organized. I know doing this during a home game could get a little dicey, but we're giving it a go. Please come back 'round game at St. Louis Game Time.