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Coyotes @ Blues FIRST PERIOD

Well howdy, neighbors in the desert. We would like to welcome everyone from Five For Howling for the first period. Then in the second, we're all picking up and going over there. It'll be a hoot.

To all the visitors, we chipped in and got you a welcome present.


This is a big week for the Blues. They host the Coyotes tonight, play at Dallas Thursday and then at Phoenix on Saturday. That's six big points up for grabs against teams within 10 points of St. Louis. They win a couple three in a row, and then we'd have something to talk about going into March. There's only nine home games after tonight with 23 left on the schedule.

Odds are Chris Mason will be in net tonight unless he's in a car accident on the way to the game. He's continuing to impress not allowing a goal Saturday night in regulation. It's been a mixed bag for Mason against the Coyotes. He's 2-2-1 over his career, but his goals-against average is a disheartening 3.34 with him stopping only 88.7 percent of the shots he's faced in those five games.

I'm not going to mention how Phoenix swept the Blues last season or anything about that.

It's been a rough go for the Coyotes this year off the ice. They've lost millions of dollars as the Yotes have struggled to find their identity in the desert. The organization has had to take out loans to make payments on other loans they owe money on. But as we Blues fans know, having your team possibly on the relocation block (I hear Saskatoon is wonderful this time of year) sucks. It sucks bad.

So that's it. We're ready to go. I'm sure a friendly commenter will drop a link to a lovely live stream. And remember, friendly banter is fun, being a complete dick isn't. Ok?

See you down below.