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Wednesday Morning Dump

February is almost over and the Blues are stilling playing meaningful games - and winning them, too. Awesome.

Happy Wednesday to all. Just a friendly reminder so you don't look like a douche: today is Ash Wednesday for all the Catholics out there. This involves them having ash rubbed on their foreheads. Please, don't be like my friend Nate who forgets this and says, "Dude, you got something on your forehead." And with that PSA out of the way. Let's get to the links.

Blues news

  • Blues win! Here's the AP write up, the Post-Dispatch.
  • Also from the PD, Andy McDonald is the reason David Perron and Patrik Berglund are on the fourth line.
  • One shocking thing about last night, the game didn't go into OT. Apparently the calendar is to blame for the abundance of free hockey. 
  • TSN thinks the Blues have some good prospects. Does the Game Time Prospect Department agree with this list?
  • This reporter thinks the Blues should hold onto guys like Keith Tkachuk at the deadline. 
  • Our new friends at Five for Howling aren't feeling as good as we are right now. 
  • I'm going to assume all of you read Puck Daddy. If you don't, do it. Also, make fun of this guy
  • Is this site making it big time? (Scroll down to see what I'm talking about.)

Other hockey news

  • Here's what happened last night.
  • Here's what is going down tonight.
  • My game of the night: Sharks vs. Wings. If you're bored tonight, head over to Fear the Fin and pay our friends like ang a visit. 
  • Sidney Crosby has a sore groin. Feel free to make your jokes about that in the comments. 
  • New New York Rangers head coach John Tortorella says no more stepping on the locker room logo. 
  • Our old friend Chris Pronger might be traded soon. No word on where his wife will let him play.

Other news

  • Like I said yesterday, old(er) people are crazy.

Daily video

T.J. Oshie is reacing God-like status here. I'm ok with that.

That will be it for me today. Don't forget to send cool/important stuff to gametimelinks (at) Happy hump day.