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Blues @ Stars First Period

In case you missed the announcement earlier, this is the game day thread for the first period of Blues at Stars. We're doing another of these share the commenters/hands across the NHL/teach others how to curse like Blues fans events. Tonight the fine folks from Defending Big D are joining us here on Game Time for the first period, we'll pack it up and head there for the second and then disperse to our own corners of the Internet for the third.

Warning to our new guests, we like the salty language here. And everything we know about Dallas, we learned on TV.


The Blues enter tonight's game just five points behind Dallas for the final playoff spot in the Western Conference. So this game is kind of a big deal.

Chris Mason is making his 14th consecutive start in net for the Blues, denying that youngster Holt! And you people have made fun of his name so much, I can't even remember if it's Chris or Steve. Damn you people. Are we seeing the last of Keith Tkachuk in the Blue Note? Will Brett Hull do something stupid last week? Who is Sean Avery dating this week? So many questions.

We kind of keep it loose and fast with these previews. You folks know how big a game this is for each team. Can't wait to see how many comments we throw up on this one. Remember, folks, it's a friendly commenter field trip. Being funny is good. Being a dick isn't. Cool?

See you down below in the comments.