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GT Contest! Video Killed The Blogging Star.

It's been a little bit since our last contest and we were so happy with the results of that one that we're all geeked up for the next one. Even better than last time? The winner of this one could take home two prizes!

Here's the premise: We want you to make yourself the star in a Video Blog. It can be about the Blues or your fandom or whatever you want to do as long as it's related to our favorite team and sport. Make it funny, informative, and of course, name drop the old Game Time site.

Don't get it? Well, here's the idea. Try to be more like this:

And less like this:

Seriously, have a friend look at it. If at any point they look like they want to kill either themselves or kill you, it's back to the drawing board. On the plus side, nice mattress.

A couple suggestions:

  • Shorter is probably going to be better than longer. Don't take this the wrong way, but we have a hard time watching David Letterman do a monologue longer than five minutes. And trust us, you're no David Letterman.
  • You can go crazy with technology if you want, but it isn't necessarily going to get you ahead of the person with better content who is just using a simple built-in laptop webcam. Better is just better and we'll all know it when we see it. Remember: Content is King.
  • Sometimes unintentionally funny is better than intentionally funny. Just do your thing, don't try to be anyone else.
  • Be sure you follow all of our guidelines. One of the best LOLBluez didn't get considered as a finalist because of a technicality.

The Rules:

  1. Post your submission in the FanShots on the Game Time site. We'll pull the best submissions and will put the finalists into a consolidated story on the front page. If, however, you don't want to tip your hand creatively, send us a link to your submission before the deadline and it will count.
  2. Unlike the last contest, which was decided solely by a vote of the people, the popular vote this time will count for just one point. The other two points will come from Brad and gallagher (any required tie-breaker will be decided by a drinking contest). There is a reason for this important change, explained below in the section on the prizes.
  3. The deadline for submissions is midnight central time on Friday, March 13th. Expect the story on the finalists to appear on Monday, March 16th.
  4. Favoritism will be shown to entrants who demonstrate an intimate knowledge of this site. Our contest; our rules. We want to reward those who have helped us. A brand new visitor can win the contest, but the submission will have to be very strong to get past any sort of non-GT familiarity.
  5. Did you really think there were going to be five rules? Seems like overkill, no?

The Prizes:

  • The winner of the contest will win up to six tickets to the Dream Night With The Blues. Dream Night is an opportunity to mingle with Blues players, get autographs, challenge them to games of bubble hockey, air hockey and Wii games. It's a unique chance to hang with the players and potentially get them to sign some weird stuff that makes you and your friends laugh. The event is on Sunday, March 22nd.
  • The winner of the contest, and the reason that the popular vote only counts for part of deciding the champion, will be offered the opportunity to join the Game Time website staff as the official Video Blogger. If you have no interest in joining the team, we may offer the position to any other entrant.
  • In the event that the winner does not need or want all six passes to the Dream Night event, leftover tickets will go to the second-place winner.

You have your assignment, folks. Time to get your makeup people to make you look pretty, fire up the webcam and bring the funny.

Good luck to everyone!