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The Missing Link(s)

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We need your help. In the past, we've always maintained a very small but distinguished blogroll. We only put people on the 'Friends of GT' list who truly were sites that had helped us out along the way in one manner or another.

And while we still want to highlight our bestest buddies as other internet sites you should definitely check out, we've decided we should be a better resource for all of our readers. Much like our Morning Dump (or whatever we end up calling it) which hopefully gives you a great place to start every morning (or early afternoon for you college kids) with a bunch of great stories to check out, we feel like our blogroll should be better, too.


You know, for days when you're really, really hungover and just want to lay in bed and surf.

In an effort to beef it up and make it a place to waste even more time, we're going to really put in a lot of our favorite places. But we don't have all the answers, despite what some of us think, so we need your help.

Throw your favorite links into the comments and we'll see which ones we can squeeze onto the list. Obviously hockey will be our first priority, but you know what we're all about, throw in anything you really like.

And RFJCC: this is a meatspin-free zone.