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Sunday Morning Links


Indeed you are, Mr. Spock.

The rest of the regular season is shaping up to be a tightrope, nail-biter, down to the wire finish. I'm just glad to have something to cheer about other than seeing how many 1st rounders we can pull in at the deadline.


Blues News:

  • Blues win! Here's Phoenix's view and the hometown view.
  • Rumors concerning Pronger to the Blues. I shudder at the notion of overpaying with young talent. Just get him traded to Boston and out of the western conference and be done with it.
  • Next Blues game is Tuesday against the (Fuck) Detroit Red Wings.


NHL News:

Other Stuff:

AverageJoe is back tomorrow to get you through the week. Until then, enjoy your Sunday. Remember, any fodder that's fit for the morning links can be sent to gametimelinks (at)