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New Blues Products

With the St. Louis Blues finally relevant again in the NHL, ownership has obviously moved quickly to step in and capitalize on the newfound popularity of the team. And in today's NHL, that means products fans can snatch up. You can put the Blue Note on almost anything. Trust me.

Blues Snuggie


It's not just for wannabe cult members anymore! Do you get cold sitting around your house reading a magazine or your latest copy of Game Time? Then you probably are freezing at the Drinkscotch Center for Blues games. So now you can wear your favorite blanket with arms and root on your favorite hockey team at the same time. And no, it's not totally creepy at all! They come in ridiculously large and tent-size.

Blues Shamwow


Why spend all that money on paper towels that you're going to have to buy again every month when you could get the Blues Shamwow?!!??! Stay with me, commenter. It's made in Germany, so you know it's good. And it also absorbs blood, so you can bring it with you to Detroit and Chicago games!

Erik Johnson Grill


When you're a professional hockey player and you're out for the year and you can't golf, apparently you cook. Now you can too with the Erik Johnson Grill. The fat just drips away like years left on an NHL entry contract.

Operators are standing by. Limit 12 per person. Offer not valid in Puerto Rico and Detroti.

Commenters, tell us what other products the Blues might be pimping any day now.