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Tuesday Morning Links

It's game day for the Blues. The Dallas Stars come to St. Louis for a big game (aren't they all lately?). Let's get to the Links.

Blues news

  • Blues. Stars. Tonight, only on ... well it's on two channels. But the Game Day Thread will be here. Do come and enjoy. 
  • In case you were wondering, Chris Mason will be in net tonight. And forever, apparently. 
  • According to Andy Murray, the key for tonight is a fast start. 
  • Nice story on the man who is the voice of the Blues, Tom Calhoun. Not to be confused with Tim Calhoun.
  • Not good news about Alex Pietrangelo. Not bad, I just don't like to see him struggling. 
  • Former Blues d-man compared to current Blues d-man.
  • In Dallas, Mike Modano has been called out. Brendan Morrison as well
  • The fine folks at Defending Big D really miss Brad Richards.


Hockey news

  • The usual: Standings. Last night's results. Tonight's action. The Blues need the following teams to win: themselves, Washington (against the Preds), and San Jose (against the Wild).
  • After all the shit in Montreal, former Blue Guy Carbonneau got the boot. General Manager Bob Gainey will take over.  Habs Eyes on the Prize offers their take on the firing.
  • My boyhood idol allowed goal No. 2500 last night. I have a feeling this won't be on his final highlight real.
  • The Sporting News has this weeks power rankings. The Blues check in at 21.
  • Gallagher already covered this in an awesome post, but the GM's are talking about things like fighting.
  • Who here has money to burn?

Other things

  • Ever wish your life had sound effects? (pause). Click here to get some.


Let's get some Dallas Stars hate going here. Jeff Finley never was much, but he got a lot of respect from me here. I hate Derian Hatcher.

That'll do it for the links. Come back for more posts and, of course, the GDT.