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Wednesday Morning Links

Andy Murray said the Blues needed a better first period and a fast start. Three goals, the first coming less than a minute in accomplished that. Great win. Let's get to the links.


Blues news

  • Blues win! Here's the PD write up, the AP, and the Dallas Morning News.
  • Also from the DMN, highlights!
  • You know what I would do if I ran a sports franchise in this economic shit storm, raise ticket prices. Although, if you reup now, you can pay the same price.
  • Speaking of the economy, the Peoria Rivermen sold some uniform ad space.
  • Mike Weaver has a hockey camp that teaches defense. As they say, those who can't do, teach.

Hockey news

  • Updated standings (for those too lazy, the Blues are in 11th -- 3 points out).
  • Here's the action from last night.
  • Here's the slate for tonight, 'Nucks vs. Ducks is the big one for the Blues. The Ducks need to lose in regulation. Feel free to head over to Nucks Misconduct if you are so inclined. 
  • Fact: I did not know Owen Nolan was still in the league until I played against him in NHL 09. He scored his 400th goal tonight.
  • The NHL is looking to crack down on staged fights. What's a staged fight? See below.
  • George Laraque does not like the discussed rule changes. 
  • Andy McDonald is the No. 5 best undrafted player playing in the NHL, according to Silver Seven Sens.
  • Kudos Hurricane fans. 

Other things to click on

  • Fight club at a home for the mentally disabled? That sound your hearing is the organizers tickets to hell being punched. 
  • Cereal makes another appearance in the links, this time with a retro look.
  • Yesterday was David Backes Chuck Norris' birthday


Cam Janssen (who if you didn't know is from Eureka which is extremelly close to where I grew up) doing what he does best: long-ass fights.

That's it for today. Remember, gametimelinks (at)