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Thursday Morning Links

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Morning boys and girls. The Blues play again tonight, again at home, and again it's a big game. Blues vs. Sharks ... in case you need a reminder of what happened the last time these two teams met. Watch this.

Let's get to the links.

Blues news

  • With the injury bug heading to San Jose, Jeremy Rutherford says the Blues are catching the Sharks at the right time.
  • Here's the Post-Dispatch preview of the game and  the AP.
  • Yesterday's Sharks practice was different from the norm. 
  • If you weren't aware, Evegni Nabakov won't be in net tonight. Our fine Fear the Fin friends take on Brian Boucher.
  • By the way, Fear the Fin ... they're good people. Poke around the site a little bit to get to know the enemy. 
  • For betters ... go here.
  • It's Thursday, which means JR chat time
  • Talking about burying the lede, the Cam Janssen stuff in this blog is gold. 
  • Aaron Palushaj was named to the All-CCHA First Team.
  • Jake Allen gets praise, but its in French. Here's a ROUGH translation.
  • Goodbye, Matt Foy.

Other news

  • Last night's games, tonight's game. 
  • Here are the standings. The Blues are in 12th, three points out.
  • Results that need to happen: Carolina (over Dallas), Colorado (over Minnesota), and Atlanta (over Edmonton). All wins must take place in regulation.
  • Shockingly, the NHL won't be immune to the recent economic conditions.
  • ESPN's Scott Burnside uses Jay McKee's open-ice hit and subsequent brawl to illustrate that the NHL rules do work.
  • Ex-Oilers owner gets busted. 
  • Steve Downey suspension: upheld.
  • Don Cherry is shocked people didn't like him calling out Ovechkin?
  • This feels weird to me. I would never wear green Blues gear. 
  • A playoff predictor. Awesome.

Other news

  • DanGNR comes through with another fashion WTF
  • Brian sends this along. I don't want to get political (this is a sports blog) but this comment was too funny to pass up:

Bristol, honey, your 15 minutes were up months ago... the best thing your mom ever did was make it possible for Chris Mason to emerge as the Blues' starting goalie.

  • Oh Detroit, you keep doing what you're doing. 
  • They better not have fired the guys who make Snuffelupagus.
  • Want to make green beer? Here's how.
  • More beer goodness


Enjoy this little video to help put you in the proper mindset for tonight. Is Roy Scheider (Capt. Martin Brody) David Backes?

With that, I'm done. Go Blues. See you all later and in the GTD.