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Get Ready For The Sharks, Pre-Game Interview

Sorry for the lack of mid-day detritus these last couple days, but between prepping for four hockey papers in six days and having one of our guys out of state for work, it's been hard to fuck off get a chance to work on some stories for you.

Big game tonight against a Sharks team that the Blues have split the season 1-1-1 against so far. The Sharks are without a bunch of players, from the lower-end (Mike Grier, Kent Huskins) to the high-end (Evgeni Nabokov, Rob Blake) with a few others thrown in for good measure (Jeremy Roenick, Claude Lemieux).

All of those guys are injured? Who do they think they are, the St. Louis Blues?

Enjoy the interview with our guy David Perron. I love his first couple answers; it's like they asked him, "David, using as many cliches as possible, can you tell us about the last game and how the team is doing?"



Come back for more, including another commenter field trip, this time with the good folks over at Fear The Fin.