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Blues Tame The Wild

We're sure we don't have to say it aloud, but pretty big win, eh? As we've mentioned, this homestand was a win three out of four proposition. Anything less would have put the Blues too far behind in the standings before going out on the roadie. It would have been a lot nicer to avoid the 46 second debacle of Saturday afternoon, but we're past that now.


Next up is a game at the Oilers on Tuesday, at the Canucks on Thursday and then at the Flames on Saturday. We'd like to say that they gotta win two and get a point out of the third, but we'll be happy with a two out of three on this one.

As of this writing, the Ducks are losing to the Sharks and the Blues are in 10th place, one point back from eighth place Edmonton and two back from seventh place Dallas.

Some questions about the post-game interviews:

  1. Who the hell is in charge of the locker room boombox? My ten-year-old daughter loves that song. Seriously.
  2. What does hope smell like, Mason?
  3. Does Andy McDonald always look like he is about to crack up, or is that just us? Dude just looks like he's watching something funny going on behind the assembled media. By the way, how glad are you that this guy got a contract extension?

Tuesday is going to be a big one, be sure to bring your green beer for the GDT.