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Monday Morning Links

If the Blues stay alive in the playoff race AND continue to keep playing close games, I'm going to need some heart pills. Still, great week (minus the Detroit game) and a great win against the Wild. Let's get to the linkage.

Blues news

  • As said more than a few times on this site, the Blues won. Here's the view from the PD, the AP and the St. Paul Pioneer-Press.
  • I've been wondering how the Blues were doing it. Turns out the answer is simple: magic
  • Going into this four-game homestand (also known as the week the Blues tried to kill the behind the Game Time staff that makes the paper) the goal here was win three out of four. Mission accomplish.
  • Bernie Miklasz is not known as a hockey expert, but he delivers a good column on the team. 
  • Stop me if you've heard this before: The Blues have some good prospects. Jake Allen and Alex Pietrangelo make this list.

Hockey news

  • Here are the standings. Blues are 10th, two points out.
  • Last night's results, tonight's games. Here are the games that matter to Blues fans: LA over Nashville.
  • Martin Brodeur tied Patrick Roy the other night. wrote a Sean Avery-approved headline. 
  • While the Blues are still fighting for a CHANCE to get in the playoffs the Sharks have clinched. The Fear the Fin gang celebrate with a top-notch photoshop.
  • Remember when our fearless leader Mr. Juan Gallagher wrote about tanking to get a top-2 pick?Here's the current odds to earn the top pick -- looks like we won't be getting one of those. (Seriously though ... another D-man in the first round?)
  • The Islanders beat the Blakhawks yesterday. DDominik was happy with the results. 
  • The creepy Sedin twins contract talks have broken down and other news in this link.

Other news

  • Man breaks into a home, gets shot, escapes and is run over by getaway car. I think this may have been his first time. 
  • I couldn't give two shits about this story, but the headline is amazing.
  • Let's be careful with the Chuck Norris jokes ... we wouldn't want the guys to get sued. 
  • Ever wonder how much beer you can afford. Never fear


Ever wanted to see John Davidson kick some ass?

Have a good Monday everyone.