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Tuesday Morning Links

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Blues vs. Oilers tonight and guess what, it has playoff implications. Let's get to the links.

Blues news

  • Here is a  preview from the Post-Dispatch. Please note the puck drops at 9 p.m. central time.
  • Two/thirds of the old Kid Line talk about the New Kid Line and their roles as vets.
  • Jeff Gordon, who call himself "Hockey Guy", says the Blues would be doomed without Chris Mason. Andy McDonald weeps quietly. 
  • The Oil has been struggling lately, so the team is switching up the lines.
  • The Blues are close to the playoffs. I think the lede was inspired by a trip to this Web site.
  • Holy shit, how many names can you butcher in a press release. 
  • Some good news about the Rivermen, including some reinforcements coming to help.

Hockey news

  • Standings: Blues 10th, two points out. 
  • Tonight's action.
  • Games to help the Blues: Colorado (over Minnesota) and  Vancouver (over Dallas).
  • Two reasons to pull for the Devils tonight: Martin Broduer can break Patrick Roy's record and it's against the Blackhwaks.
  • This might be the most awkward headline ever.
  • Ryan Miller is slowly making a comeback. Take your time buddy, my fantasy team is settled into last place. Ass.
  • Wait wait wait ... you can overwork a goalie?
  • The St. Louis Rodney Dangerfields get dismissed as a playoff contender. 
  • Answer Man look way: stats.

Other news

  • I have some new ideas for tats.
  • Some of those tattoos belong here
  • This is why I stick to writing, and not talking about sports. 
  • The Rocky Mountain News recently closed up shop. Some of the staffers are still committed to bringing the news.


This video has it all. Fighting, blood, Mike Keenan being a douche, mullets, Blackhawks being dicks and Harold Snepts sweet, sweet stache. Oh and it happened on St. Patty's Day in 1991. Ladies and gentleman, the St. Patrick's Day Masacre.