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Blues @ Oilers GDT

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hopefully you haven't had too much green beer and Guinness that you can't log on. Or maybe youre comments will be even funnier tonight. Who knows. Hope this gets you in the spirit. I have no idea if Bluey is actually the big blue bear mascot, but God Love him it looks like he's having a great holiday.


She must be a furry.

So the Blues are at Edmonton. There are a few things you need to know.

1. Win in regulation, and the Blues will be looking at a tie for eighth place in the conference. Shocking.

2. The ice in Edmonton is the best. Do not question it. You will believe after hearing it 10 times tonight.

3. Chris Mason has started every game since round about Groundhog Day. It felt like spring in St. Louis today, so I hope he's not scared of his bald/bearded shadow.

Strap it on. Game time is 9 p.m. in St. Louis. Fill up them there comments. Remember, everytime you make a fellow commenter laugh, a Detroit player feels a rash around his winged wheel.